Ammcom Ltd
Health & Safety

The Management, staff and all employees of Ammcom Ltd. will, at all times, strive to deliver the highest quality of service to meet the expectations of our clients by providing cost effective solutions to our client requirements.

Ammcom Ltd commit to full compliance with the statutory provisions of the Health & Safety at Work Act in order to ensure a safe working environment for our employees, our clients employees and customers.

Full compliance with the Approved Codes of Practice as lay down by the Regulatory Bodies and the statutory provisions of the Electricity at Work Act and any other relevant legislation affecting the Company’s operational processes.

To carry out our services promptly, efficiently and courteously and in accordance with our client’s reasonable expectations.

Ammcom Ltd. is a service business and all employees are employed to help and support their clients. From the commencement of a new working relationship with a new client, your needs will always be given the company’s priority and commitment to meet the above Mission Statement.

NIC EIC Approved
The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting was set up more than 45 years ago and is the industry's independent, non profit-making, voluntary regulatory body covering the whole of the United Kingdom. We are not a trade association and do not represent the interests of electrical contractors.

In order to protect users of electricity, the NICEIC endeavours to register as many electrical contractors as possible that are able to comply with its Rules.  Every contractor that applies for registration is subjected to detailed assessment by the NICEIC, including the technical standard of their electrical work, before being admitted to the Roll of Approved Contractors.

THE NICEIC employ Area Engineers who make annual visits to Approved Contractors to assess their technical capability, and inspect samples of their electrical work.   Ammcom Ltd have achieved this status and comply with the rigid NICEIC standards.


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